Group Sessions & Demos

"Two is better than one, three is a crowd, four and more is a party!!!""

Want to throw a unique theme party? A cool hen party? Have a fun evening with a bunch of friends? Host an original master class? Or organize a 'Team Building' activity. 

Chef Patissier David Mendes will help you tailor an event to suit the occasion, the number of participants and the venue. 

Here are some examples of what we already offer:

        N E W ! 


Now is your chance to enjoy a tailor made afternoon tea party at home with your family, friends or colleagues. For any occasion or theme, our Chef David will demonstrate 3 items of your personal choice. Just £40 per person including ingredients.

* Bookings for a minimum of 3 guests up to 12 guests. 

1) DEMOS – Chef David will demonstrate a dessert of your choice. The group can ask questions, take notes and enjoy the dessert when ready.

2) MASTER CLASS – All participants will actively take part in the cooking class. The number of participants in a master class is limited to eight.

3) CHOCOLATE THEME PARTY – learn how to make fine quality chocolates from scratch and have a party with your friends at the same time!

4) TEAM BUILDING - There's nothing like a fun activity to bring people together. A little flour, sugar, butter and chocolate and suddenly everybody's participating and working together. 

* Price includes ingredients. 

** A venue can be provided by us with additional hire cost.