Staff Training

In every commercial kitchen there is a small kingdom called the 'Pastry Section'. Pastry requires full attention to details, and full understanding of chemistry and processes. Pastry and desserts plays a great role in every meal being there at the beginning serving bread or canape and closing the show with a stunning dessert.

With extensive experience in several types of commercial kitchens, Our Chef David will train your kitchen staff, all the way from introducing new recipes through techniques and down to self management.

  • Introducing and implementing new recipes.

  • Lastest of techniques in pastry, with full attention to chemistry behind the ingredients.

  • Troubleshooting.

  • Self management skills.


There's a reason why I separate Chocolate from the rest. Chocolate is probably the most noble ingredient we use in Pastry. It requires endless attention to details. When using Chocolate temperature, humidity and storage are just some of many variables which have an effect on the result. A chef need to know how to identify these variables in the kitchen he's cooking and how to control them. In London there's a growing demand for good quality chocolate, and chocolate is being introduced in desserts like never before. 

Whether it's in order to bring your staff up to speed or just to keep them up to date with the latest techniques out there for working with Chocolate, book now a Chocolate training day for your chefs and keep your menu sophisticated and up to date. 

Training day will include:

  • Tempering 

  • Decoration

  • Ganache

  • Storage

  • Chocolate Dessert

  • Truffles 

  • Moulding Chocolate Pralines.